Christmas 2016 Must Have Toys


Christmas is only a few months away and already I’m sure kids are going to their parents with wish lists for this holiday season. A top of those lists I’m sure you’ll see requests for new video games, the latest in cellphone or gaming technology and who knows what else your kids and tweens might be requesting this holiday season. However, we’ve come down with the Christmas 2016 must have toy list, which shows the most wanted kids for this coming Christmas season and has even been broken down by age categories.
What are the Christmas 2016 must have toys?
We hope you’ve started your savings and gotten those Christmas lists from the kids started, because chances are one of the things they’ve wanted this year may just have made it to the most requested toy list of the year. Or perhaps you’re not quite sure what to get the kids in your life for Christmas, take a look at the one we’ve formed and maybe you’ll have an idea as to what’s hot for the season that just might make your shopping list.

  • Paw Patrol: We’ve seen numerous new items (toy wise) out for Christmas season and likely, if you’ve got a toddler in your house, these new toys will be making their Christmas list this year.
  • Doc McStuffins: Armed with her stethoscope and stuffed animals that are magically brought to life, there are a few new Doc McStuffins toys that have made the list such as the Hospital care play cart. Disney Junior has already produced quite the line of toys that come with her that range from the Rosie mobile, stuffed animals of her playmates, and accessories to help you become the best toy doctor.
  • Shopkins: These cute little toys have been all the rage since the beginning of the summer and if you have a fan at home they’ll be glad to see the Tall Mall playset that will make for a happy camper this coming holiday.
  • Furby: With a blast from the past that most nineties kids had at one point and time, Furby’s have continued to make a big debut among kids.
  • Barbie: Barbie is something most little girls love and the number of cars, toys and accessories can be over-whelming with this huge toy line. Well, it’s about to get bigger with the new Barbie Dream house.
  • Pokémon: “Gotta catch ‘em all” the catchphrase I think almost everyone is familiar with as many parents have grown up with these pocket monsters. What with the trading cars, smartphone game and more, there is now a new accessory hitting markets called the “z ring.” A perfect present for your little Pokémon master at home.

These are just some of the gifts that are among the top requested from kids of all ages right now, but as we draw closer to the holiday season only time can tell what other gifts we expect to make this list for Christmas 2016 everywhere.