The Best of Christmas Movies Ever Made


Holidays are that time of the year which bring along with it a whirlwind of intense emotions. There is a joy of being with family, enjoying the snowfall and the festive mood. As for some, it is the best time to go into food coma on your couch and seeing all time Christmas classics.
Like food for every mood, there is a Christmas movie for every emotion too.
Here is a rundown of some of the best Christmas movies:

It’s a Wonderful Life:
This movie made in the year 1946 is recognized as a Christmas classic universally. The films shows the story of George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) and how he would have given up his life without his guardian angel Clarence. Though it doesn’t have the holiday spirit but the Christmas setting seems to be just appropriate both for the spirit of family as well as the written word of Charles Dickens of how a suicidal man who is saved by the divine intervention making it a perfect holiday flick.

Christmas Moment:
George Bailey getting back home only to see his friends and family bailing out the greatest man in town and his guardian angel Clarence getting a pair of wings finally.

Will Ferrell has really toned down his outrageous nature of his usual characters making this one of his most memorable performances. Elf is a hearty movie with a lot of laughter. The story revolves around Ferrell who has grown up as an elf with Santa and travels to New York to seek his father (James Cann) and to spread his Christmas cheer which isn’t really welcomed. The consistent optimism makes it an enjoyable old-fashioned holiday flick with just the right mix of old and new.

Christmas Moment:
The moment when Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) leads New York in a version of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and thus reinstating the Christmas Spirit which is needed to power the Santa’s sleigh.

Home Alone:
The film that happens to be the inspiration for all the 90s kinds to be able to devise with elaborate and incredibly imaginative clever traps, “Home Alone” tends to be an aggravating series of violent tricks whose emotional ending was not much of a surprise. The familiarity of this movie is very comforting no matter how many times you see this. It is a spirited classic of an unapologetic mastermind Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) and his time alone when his family leaves him accidentally at home while protecting his posh home from crooks who have been casing it for quite some time.

Christmas Moment:
The Kenosha Kickers led by John Candy, giving Kate (Catherine O’Hara) a lift home on Christmas Eve.

Shop Around The Corner:
A Christmastime based romantic comedy of 1940, this movie has a plot of two co-workers (James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan) who work in a leather-goods store of Budapest and take an instant dislike to each other unaware of the face that they have fallen in love with each other over exchanging letters being secret pen-pals. A pleasure to watch anytime of the year.

Christmas Moment:
The couple confessing their love to each other on Christmas Eve.

Die Hard:
One of the few best action movies ever made based on Christmas setup, Die Hard is adopted from Roderick Thorp’s novel. It sees a NYPD detective Bruce Willis heading to L.A to win his estranged wife back only to be caught in mess of terrorists taking over the building where she works. Reuniting, at Christmas time. Perfect holiday material.

Christmas Moment:
The chauffeur plays rap in limo upon being asked about Christmas music, he cranks it up to “Christmas in Hollis”