The Best Disney Christmas Movies


When it comes to the Christmas season it can be hard to find out what to do and more so when you have fairly young children. You probably grew up with all kinds of traditions, and made memories with family that you’d love to pass on to your kids. The problem can become knowing which traditions to pass on and what you can do to start some new traditions of your own. That’s alright, because we’ve got a starting place for anyone in that position—Disney Christmas movies. You’ve heard us right, many traditions can begin with a simple Christmas movie and we want to help you find the perfect ones.
Disney Christmas Movies
Christmas movies have changed a lot over the years, and it can be hard to find a movie to watch that is good for the family and doesn’t send out the wrong message. Hallmark is notorious for this time of year about putting out love story based Christmas movies. While these might make for a great romantic movie for adults to share with one another, they’re not so great for the kids. Thankfully, once again Disney has come to the rescue with some Christmas movies that kids will love and are extremely appropriate.
Many of the shows you’ll already find on the Disney Channel actually use many of the favourites from everyday television shows your kids likely watches and turned them in to Christmas specials. Of course there will always be the classics such as A Christmas Carol starring our favourite Disney originals: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Much like this one there are a few others starring Mickey Mouse such as Mickey’s Twice upon a Christmas, and Mickey’s once upon a Christmas. There are other Disney classics that are great for kids of all ages including Santa Claus 1,2, and 3 starring Tim Allen.
Have Toddlers at home or young children who are fans of Winnie the Pooh? Well there is no shortage of Christmas Cheer when you visit the hundred-acre wood to visit Winnie the pooh and all of his friends in movies such as: My friends Tigger and Pooh: Christmas Sleuth or Winnie the pooh “A very merry Christmas.” These provide many of your old Disney friends in great movies that are all about Christmas and typically have a great story and lesson to go along with it. For some of the older kids, movies such as: Santa Paws 1 and 2 are a good start as they feature the talking pups that most recognize from the Air Bud movies. There is also the Muppets Christmas feature and Good Luck Charlie’s Christmas. These and many more are wonderful Disney options to help get kids of all ages in to the Christmas spirit without worry of them seeing things that might not be appropriate for their age. They usually come with a light-hearted story, plenty of laughs, and a great message that will teach your kids the real meaning of Christmas and good will.