Ten Things You Never Knew About Elf the Movie


You may have been one of those people who loved the movie, Elf. This had been one of the Christmas classic movies enjoyed by viewers. This had become a staple of movie viewing for the Christmas season. The film is inspiring and infectious to a lot of those who have watched it.

Nevertheless, there are ten things you never knew about “Elf”.

Jim Carrey was tied to the Role before Will Ferrell Took it

Jim Carrey was once tied to the role before Will Ferrell took it. However, he decided to turn it down because he pursues other movie or film offers.

Will Ferrell Experienced Intense Headaches

No one knows about Will Ferrell who experienced intense and painful headaches. In fact, he also suffered from health issues because of the amount of sugar he ate up. This was also when he played his role as Buddy.

The Elf Costumes are the Replicas of the Costumes from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It could have been possible that viewers and fans of Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer recognized the costumes of the elves to be exactly the same with Santa’s elves costumes. Favreau mentioned in an interview that he wanted to make use of these cultural touchstones to make this movie more familiar among viewers.

Cotton Balls Made of Balls of Candy Floss

Buddy had eaten cotton balls while he is in the doctor’s office. But, viewers have no idea that these are exactly made of balls of candy floss that have been first dyed by the cast members.

Will Ferrell Caused Minor Traffic Accidents While Still Running Around the City of New York

The supports of Elf may be clueless of Will Ferrell who had caused minor traffic accidents while still running around the city of New York. This took place during the filming. The drivers were also surprised of seeing him dressed up as an elf.

The Scene Wherein the Fake Santa Chases Buddy Around Was Done in One Take

As per the scene wherein the fake Santa chases Buddy around was done in one take. This is simply because of the fact that all the decorations will be messed up. The staff will also be required to build everything from the start.

Jon Favreau Made His Appearance in the Movie as Mr. Narwhal’s voice

The director, Job Favreau, made his appearance in the movie. He voiced over the role of Mr. Narwhal and the doctor who runs the DNA test on Buddy.

Will Ferrell Has Turned Down 29 million dollars for a Sequel of Elf

You may think that Buddy will still involve himself in another adventure, such as the sequel of Elf. Ferrell actually did refuse the offer even though he had been offered with 29 million dollars.

Will Ferrell Worked as a Santa in a Department Store

Will Ferrell has once mentioned that he played the role of Santa in a shopping mall during his previous days with the comedy group, The Groundlings. The amazing thing is that he also took the job with Chris Kattan and his fellow Groundlings member.

Ferrell’s Reaction to the Jack-in-the-Boxes Are Real

The reaction of Ferrell to the Jack-in-the-Boxes is real. This is simply because the directors thought that it could just simply be difficult to fake it all.

Now, you have learned the ten things about Elf, the movie. These may have surprised you as well!