The Ultimate Christmas Movie?

Christmas is such a great holiday to be able to share with friends and families and it’s because it’s the time of the year when we’re really brought together. With the ever changing technology that seems to surround every part of our days, it’s the Christmas season that doesn’t have to be about that. In fact, many families have traditions of stuffing themselves into a food coma, watching some of their favorite shows that have been airing since they were kids, and spending time with people who you may not get to see any other time of the year. With this season comes Christmas shows and movies that by now us adults know every line to and mostly because we’ve been watching them since our own kids age. The ultimate Christmas movie, I believe is “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
It’s a Wonderful Life—The ultimate Christmas movie?
You heard me right, it’s not Frosty, or Rudolph, but instead the award goes to It’s a Wonderful Life. Why you ask? Beyond the fact that this is indeed a classic from years before most of us were likely born, I love the way in which this movie had its beginnings. Most people don’t understand that before coined in to a classic, it started off as a simple Christmas Card. The man responsible for this movie simply wanted to write and sell his story, but was unable to find anyone who would take it on. Instead, he took it and made it in to a twenty-page Christmas Card and sent it to his friends. It was by chance that it was seen and then purchased for a whopping ten thousand (at the time,) and was then made in to a movie.
The second reason, we believe this makes the ultimate movie list is because the story behind it. It’s another one of those movies that takes a Christmas story, but doesn’t just make it all about the presents and what a bunch of kids get for Christmas. Instead, it’s a movie that puts a classic story into perspective for people. It’s easy to complain you don’t have the latest phone, or gadget. You often question with the approaching New Year, if all that you’ve done this year really mattered or made a difference. As it so happens, so does one of the characters in the movie and he learns that had it not been for saving his brother who almost drowned, and not for a few other life choices, a lot of people would have died. He may not have planned to go down the roads he did in life, but they made a big impact and found out that things happen for a reason. This is a message many of us could really use.
Finally, there is nothing smutty about it unlike many love stories. It’s hard to find anything involving a love story that isn’t all sex and nudity. This one gives you the best of romance and a Christmas story without any of that, it’s just a beautiful classic.