Best Christmas Movies for Kids


Every year that time of the year seems to approach faster and faster. Department stores begin putting up Christmas decorations earlier and earlier, in attempt to put people in the mood and get ready for those Christmas savings. While it might make some people grimace at the thought of the upcoming holiday and the cold weather it brings, it doesn’t have to all be bad. In fact, one of the most favourite memories I had growing up was the Christmas movies. If you’re lucky enough to be a parent or grandparent, you no doubt have introduced the kids to the best Christmas movies for kids. What are some of the best Christmas movies for kids though?
Best Christmas movies for kids
There are a few of the best Christmas movies that have been around for some time now, that if they haven’t already seen it, we highly recommend it. One of the best movies for kids relating to Christmas is “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” My reason on this one is most kids even in to their teens really only think of the part in which they get gifts. They never really understand that there is so much more to the holiday, such as being together as a family and being fortunate to have the things they do. The Grinch is a perfect reminder of that as the Grinch steals presents and the Who’s down in Whoville still are rejoicing even after they have nothing. This is followed by the narrator at the end who is portraying the Grinch’s thoughts and reflections about it not being the packaging, not the presents, and it wasn’t something that could be bought because it came from the heart.
Another one of the best Christmas movies for kids happens to A Christmas Carol. This is an all-time favourite in our family not only because of the movie itself, but the message that comes with the movie. You’re presented with Ebeneezer Scrooge who is a wealthy business man who isn’t so kind to those less fortunate. On Christmas Eve he is presented with the three ghosts that are out to change his heart and his actions by showing him the consequences of what happens to others should he keep treating them as he has. They also show him what his future looks like if he doesn’t change his ways. Scrooge realises in the end that every action has a consequence and that no matter the size of your wallet, we’re all basically buried the same when we die. It teaches how to be charitable, giving, and spreading good will when possible.
While some people may think these aren’t very Christmas related, I think they offer a different perspective on what it means to be fortunate, and to make something more of the holiday than it being about what you get out of it financially. There are different adaptations of these movies which allow the moral of the stories to be told in a more cheerful and Christmas manner while still portraying a great message.