Bad Santa 2 – How To Watch Online


Broad Green Pictures and Miramax have recently announced that Billy Bob Thornton is to play the role of Willie Soke in the movie entitled as Bad Santa 2. Actually, this is a follow-up to the comedy hit entitled Bad Santa which was first released in the year of 2003.

In addition, Miramax will be partnering with Broad Green Pictures for the entire production and finance of the movie. It will also distribute the upcoming movie in all theatres in the United States for the holiday season in 2016.

Affinity/Sierra will also handle and manage foreign sales with all those sales that will begin at the American Film Market. This will start from the 4th day of November to 11th day of November 2015.

The film producers have been waiting for a long period of time to see Billy Bob. They were also excited in seeing him messed up with the holiday season in his interesting and unique way. The entire producing and creative team will partner with Billy Bob and the Sierra/Affinity and Broad Green will bring back the extreme characters and humor that once made his film iconic.

Actually, Bad Santa has long been a part of the holiday tradition ever since. This was witnessed by the number of people who paid attention to see it at the neighborhood theatre. Daniel Hammond and Gabriel Hammond were now excited of bringing this new chapter and memorable character to the big screen.

The project will be overseen by David Thwaites for Miramax with Victor Moyers for the Broad Green Pictures. As per the main photography, it will commence in the month of January in 2016 in Quebec, Canada. There will be no cast members confirmed yet at this moment of time. They are still clueless if Brett Kelly and Lauren Graham will be back to play their significant roles.

An Upcoming Black Comedy Crime Film

Bad Santa 2 is actually an upcoming black comedy crime film which has been mentioned, to be directed by none other than Mark Waters. Shauna Cross, John Phillips, Johnny Rosenthal and Dough Ellin will also participate in the movie as the writers.

This is actually the sequel to the film released in 2003, Bad Santa. The film once starred Brett Kelly, Tony Cox, Christina Hendricks, Kathy Bates and Billy Bob Thornton. As per the sequel of the movie, it is something that is not hoped and expected.

Actually, it has been thirteen years since the audiences have met Willie Soke who is the grouchy, cheap whiskey drinking and inappropriate con dressed up as Saint Nick just so he can steal the money. It was also added that this time, Willie played by Thornton will team up with Marcus as the angry sidekick. They will knock off a charity based in Chicago on Christmas Eve. The cheery and chubby Thurman Merman played by Brett Kelly will also be in as a two-hundred fifty pound ray of sunshine. She is off to bringing out the silver of humanity of Willie.

With these things to keep in mind from Bad Santa 2, you would surely be amazed of the movie that will be perfect for the Christmas 2016!bad_santa_2_logo